Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Breaking News - Conservative Republican Fails To Fan Flames of Hatred

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It's got to be a sign of the times when Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) hands out reality checks and it's big news. Lots of things happened today and some of them happened to the Republican party, but this morning that story was all over the web because unlike scandal, this was a singular sort of event. Thing is, being a very, very conservative Republican we have to wonder if Senator Coburn is feeling a little lonely right now. Not because he spoke his mind and maybe pissed off some Teabaggers or some Fox anchors. But it's got to be lonely being an arch-conservative who wants to keep a foot in reality right now, because the most of the breed departed on the USS Delusion by the time Caribou Barbie had spent a few weeks on the campaign trail in '08. Any stragglers were driven to madness by the election of Barack Obama. There's really nothing lonelier than being the one semi-sane person in a caucus full of lunatics.
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  1. Acknowledging the humanity of his political opponents? I'm amazed the Republicans haven't strung Coburn up...

  2. "Just because somebody disagrees with you doesn’t mean that they’re not a good person."

    What it means to the average Fox News watcher is that this somebody is not only a bad person, they're a bad American.

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  4. Most of us have no problems with the Democrats. We just wish they would quit spreading their anti-American propaganda. I'm sure that that's what Tom meant. He probably just needs a re-education retreat.

  5. The guy essentially yelled "hold your fire" to a bunch of catalog quail hunters who want nothing more than to put a Whittington on anyone who doesn't march, quack, stink and ruminate the same as they do. Pretty dicey move to ask this bunch of knuckledraggers to get up off their fox couch and seek knowledge. Is the rep kidding when he says Contempt prior to investigation is an American value ? I'll stick with dissent as the highest form of patriotism. Speaking of patriots, check out this mine tailing all got up in the flag outift proving Dr. Johnson's adage about scoundrels still holds true. http://justice4claire.blogspot.com/2010/04/profile-in-sewerage-big-coals-mohammed.html