Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Birth Certificates

The birthers have been competing with health care for the news cycle this week. There was the nutcase at the townhall meeting in Delaware, Chris Matthews' bravura performance as he insisted on calling a whacko a whacko, and the shameful performance by Lou Dobbs in fueling this conspiracy theory. A lot of these people, including Dobbs, seem to be hanging their argument on the theory that the birth certificate that the President has produced and posted is somehow a short form and incomplete. The crazy lady in Delaware listed a whole bunch of things that are on hers that don't appear on Obama's including the hospital where she was born and the doctor's name. Lou Dobbs referred to a "long form" document. 

With all this noise I decided to have a look at what we have around the house in the way of birth cerficates. I don't have mine. I had an official copy with raised seal but had to provide it to someone for some purpose or other years ago and haven't had a need for it since. Mr. Yenta has his. We were both born in New York State in the same year - 1949. Our copies would never make it with these people. Document reproduction was not very good in those days and both were just barely legible even though they include the raised seal, making them "official". . I do believe that mine listed the hospital. His doesn't. No doctor's names on either of them. I also have my son's. It's the only copy we've ever had and it's what he's used for everything he's ever needed one for. It has less information than the president. It has the date of birth. No time listed. The president's has the time on his. It lists my name and Mr. Yenta's, but makes no mention of our ethnicity. It lists the state New York and town of his birth and is signed by the town official in charge of those things and there's a local regisration number and the seal.  No hospital, no doctor. I'd like to ask Mr. Dobbs if that makes my son "undocumented" as far as he's concerned, because if so, I'd suspect that the same would apply to millions of native born Americans. Or is this only a problem with African-American presidents?
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  1. The key to this is the last line.. what you said right here:

    Or is this only a problem with African-American presidents?

    That is it in a nutshell. And he has a funny name and he is a "muslin" or an "Arab"

  2. Ultimately, the birthers are people who have a feeling deep down that Obama isn't "one of us"...but lack the honesty and integrity to admit the real reason even to themselves.

  3. ZY, you'd better see to gettin' that kid of yourn legalized fore he gets sent back where he came from-yore woooomm!

  4. Geez, they wouldn't like my state certified birth certificate either. It only lists my parents, city of birth and date. It's a shame these losers have not checked the criteria for a certified birth certificate. Losers.

  5. Nicely done. I guess the fact that he's been a Senator, gotten student loans and has had every US intelligence organization ever created check him out does little to insure that he's legal huh?

  6. Hey, are you ok? Haven't seen or heard anything from you for a while.. Just thought I would check in and see if you and the Mr. where ok.. let me know.

  7. Hey Zenyenta...long time no read.

    Oh well... Happy New Year! (de Ecuador)