Saturday, February 27, 2010

OK, So it's been a while.....

What happened, oh, months and months ago, is that I missed a few days too many. It started to seem like there had to be a killer post to come back with and there wasn't one. And the health care debate was depressing the hell out of me. Now it's just begun to seem eternal. But to get away from it all I started reading books again. Novels, no less. Stopped watching much cable news. Had to do it for a while. I was coming home from work, dealing with my husband's considerable health problems and then getting my stomach in knots listening to Ed Schultz bash Obama all over the place.I just needed my personal time to be pure escapism for a while, I guess.

 In the meantime, life here at Casa Yenta has become more and more complicated and less and less blogworthy. Mr. Yenta is having a harder time. We can't much go anywhere or do anything that's likely to be of interest to anyone and a recounting of our days would come across as very whiny. As a matter of fact we don't usually feel terribly whiny about any of it. We're slogging along and coping with what's in front of us as it comes up. It's occurred to me that humans need a certain amount of adversity - which we like to call challenge. If life is going well, we'll  climb a mountain or go to see depressing but intellectual foreign films or do something else that's uncomfortable and somewhat dangerous to our well-being.  If we encounter actual adversity, well, then our normal life becomes sufficiently challenging and our need to seek adventure is satisfied by just getting through the week. It's not such a bad system, really.

That said, the latter doesn't make for compelling blogging, does it? Not really. I do still love blogging and blogtopia, though, so I'm pondering whether to try to start up again. Alternatively I could just help my dog start a blog. Dogs are always blogworthy, even if they're not doing that much.


  1. It's good to have you back under any circumstances, although I'm definitely sorry to hear that Mr. Yenta is struggling.

    What I don't like about Obama bashing from the left is that it makes Obama out to be the enemy when he is not. I don't agree with him on everything and have grave misgivings about escalating our involvement in Afghanistan. But I'm standing behind him because the alternative is so grisly.

    You could always tell us about what books you are reading!

  2. It's good to see you again, my friend.. I have been wondering about you. Glad to know you are slogging along.. sorry about the problems you are still having. I know health problems can seem overwhelming sometimes.

    Hang in there, things will get better, they always do. I would be glad to have you back., even if you did just "whine"

  3. That's really nice of both of you. Maybe I'll just share this blog with the dog.:)

  4. Dogs are always blogworthy.
    Glad to see ya back...