Sunday, February 28, 2010

Things That Suck

This is a short and very incomplete list. Right now what sucks in my little world is changing my template. 3 columns! Just what I always wanted! Mostly to accomodate a nice, long blogroll, with snippets. Oh, yeah! Guess what was the only data that seems to have gotten lost in the transition? Yes, of course. The blogroll. Everything else is there. So if you belong on this blogroll - you know who you are - and I don't get it up there in the next few days, please leave a comment and a link.


Update: Following blogs is a good idea. I've only done that with blogs that have the option on the site which are all on Blogger. Those could be imported right onto the blogroll. It's a start.


  1. Hey...Ms.'ve returned!

    Sorry to hear that Mr. Yenta isn't doing so well. Hope that situation doesn't persist. As for the Frogette and I: We just returned from 10 weeks in South America.

    I see Ragebot is still there on the Blogroll, so nothing needs doing there. Thanks.

  2. I could never forget the Raging Frog. 10 weeks in South America? Wow. Going to have to read back and find out more about that.

  3. I am so glad to see you back... I have missed your humor and your input.. You add so much to the conversation..

    Thanks for the add on your blog roll.. You never left mine, because I knew you would be back.

  4. Going to have to read back and find out more about that.

    Just type 'Dispatches from South America' into the search box on Ragebot. That'll pull up all the specific posts. You could search for all posts in the 'Roadtrip' category. Our alter egos also have a Flickr photostream that has most of our pictures from Ecuador and Peru.