Tuesday, June 30, 2009

At Long Last, Franken!


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What a nice surprise. I was off in the other office today. That means using a computer that struggles to handle the software I need to do my job. To try browsing the web at the same time is to invite it to freeze up and refuse to do a thing. So I didn’t know that the Al Franken decade had begun until I got home.

Of course, I was watching MSNBC which meant there was no sparing a minute to be happy about it. We had to start worrying about the added pressure of nominally having 60 senators in the caucus. Why enjoy the moment when you can wring your hands instead? If I wasn’t a bit of a political junkie I’d stop watching it and try having a normal life. But I am and it’s the only game in town. I plan to bitch about it quite a bit, though. Some of the shows there are getting on my last nerve.

In other intriguing news, Governor Mark Sanford has seen his Argentinean soul mate more than he’d initially admitted. He also seems to have grabbed some non-soul mate ass – or something – from time to time. Color me surprised – not. How can Jenny Sanford let this horndog prize go? I don’t know, but somehow I think she will. Even though he’s trying hard to fall back in love with her. Without much success, apparently.


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  1. He's good enough, he's smart enough, and, doggone it, he won the election...

    ...and, oh god, think how much it must smart for Rush Limbaugh to see the guy who called him a big, fat idiot in the U.S. Senate...

  2. Woo hoo!

    The Mark Sanford stuff is more priceless than Larry Craig.

  3. I am loving the fact that the right wingers on Faux News heads are exploding.. It is just priceless.

    Sanford...geeze it just gets better and better, what next from this guy.. lol

  4. Al Franken will make a great entrance, and an even better senator.
    This man has displayed his worth by just putting up with the due process of the Republican obstruction. Now watch intelligence prevail!!

  5. I am always amazed that as a rule, people do not give credence to actors, actresses or comedians when they verbalize political thoughts. Where do we get off thinking that those careers or only for the mentally dysfunctional?

    I'm happy for Al Franken. As for Sanford, he needs to resign and move to Argentina. I can't figure out his wife and all the forgiveness she has in her heart - because once a cheater - always a cheater. The marriage is doomed.

  6. If Mrs Sanford stays with this putz she is pathetic.

  7. Oh them right wing-nutbags are going to open a vain and bleed out all over Capital Hill lost there only hope to block those tricky Dems Congrats to Sen Al Franken he'll have fun.

    as for Gov Sanford and his soul mate he's a clown a typical GOP hippocrat you can't make this stuff up he should live at his lovers house......I don't think they extradite!!!!!

  8. Tomorrow they'll swear in SENATOR Al Franken--such a happy event! I can't stop smiling!

    Have to wonder though, how much coverage will MSM give him, with Michael Jackson's memorial going on?

    Sometimes I just hate the TV!