Friday, June 5, 2009

Barack Obama, International Man of History

Ancient history, that is. I’ve been catching up on Obama’s Cairo speech. Of course, that was a couple of countries ago, already. I don’t know if even President Obama can bring world peace, but at the very least, Americans with the inclination and the funds to travel should be able to stop pretending to be Canadian.

The absolute kicker of it all to me, though, was Obama finding a look-alike on the wall of an ancient Egyptian tomb.


This guy looks enough like Obama to be a caricature at the very least. His name was Kar. Which of course could be short for Barack, backwards. Anderson Cooper and his commenters are impressed, too. I don’t think we should let this go until it’s available as a t-shirt.


  1. Did you see the video of him seeing it.. it was so neat..

    He has had an amazing trip so far. His speech in Egypt was wonderful and when he was at Buchenwald today I was in tears thinking about my dad and all the other soldiers who went through the horrors he saw and how he talked about what he felt when he saw the camps just as Pres. Obama talked about his uncle.

  2. Dammit, every time I leave a comment on a blog tonight, I lose my internet connection....

    I think I said something about what an amazing likeness that is and how I'm wondering how long it's gonna be before the teabagging crowd starts claiming this as evidence he's not really was better the first time....

  3. Annette - I've seen that video a couple of times. It must have been a little startling to come across it.

    YforC - I'm sorry about the internet connection. The teabagging crowd is no doubt unhappy about every aspect of this trip, but it's been established that he's American in this incarnation, whether they like it or not. Previous incarnations have no impact on eligibility for the office as far as I know.

  4. Not only have some taken that image as evidence that Obama is not an American, a few batcrap nutso bloggers have seized on it as another sign Obama is the Antichrist. I'll get around to doing a post on it eventually.

  5. Hmm, I think I see an article coming up.