Tuesday, June 2, 2009

TV Night

Pennsylvania Avenue is now closed to all traff...

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Tonight the family will be in front of the teevee machine watching the Inside the White House special on NBC. It’s such a luxury to have a president that doesn’t make us want to puke upon seeing him. We’re just going to revel in that tonight.

Before I settle in, though, I’d just like to say to Rick Santorum – Corner bar. A shot and a beer? Are you out of your freaking little mind? Thought so. If the Obamas couldn’t afford a night out on the town then I’m sure there are about a thousand more appealing things they could do for a cheaper date night. But they can. And it’s a much shorter flight to NYC than to Crawford, TX.

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  1. The GOPers are really reaching aren't they? They just don't know what to do. They are dragging out former senators with stupid things to say, radio hosts with idiotic things to say, and nothing any of them say make sense.

    Thats all they have. They just don't know how to handle Pres. Obama. It's really sad in a way. But, that's okay.. let them spin and twist in the wind.

  2. I loved the NBC special this evening, and I agree with you that it does seem like a luxury to have a president who doesn't make me wretch. But it's also reassuring to see the President and his staff acting like competent people. There must be some competent GOPers, but they must be in hiding right now, much as they were during the 8 years of Bush.

    And Santorum is just pathetic. I wonder if he thinks the corner bar advice might help him if he ever decides to run for office again. There was something very cynical about that article.

  3. Santorum's idea of a date with his wife reminds me of a Country & Western song (not that I listen to C&W)...."Let's Get Drunk and Screw."