Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Evening Pleasures

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First, Indulgence
This was a pretty good Sunday night as those things go. First we got taken out for a Mothers' Day/Fathers' Day/Anniversary dinner. Our son and his girlfriend (who I think of as my future daughter-in-law) took us to a lovely café where we had a fantastic meal. Everything was good, but the most sinful part was the dessert I shared with my son. A "chocolate bag". We had to see what that was and OMG that was good. Pure chocolate shaped like a bag and filled with white chocolate mousse, whipped cream and berries.

Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Then home and the season premier of True Blood. The living room was packed for it. It really hit the ground running and the second season is looking even better than the first. I'd watch anyway. It's worth watching just for the theme song and opening credits. I think the song for the closing credits is new this season.

On A More Serious Note - Iran
I'm in total awe of the reform movement in Iran. It was heartbreaking to see what had happened in the election, but those people are so amazingly courageous. And they've had it. I guess there's no way for them to win this battle, but down the road I hope there's some way that they can win their war.
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  1. Happy Mother's/Father's/Anniversary Day! Hope the dinner was great.

    As for Iran, I recall the last time they had a major reform movement, George Bush managed to unify the country against the U.S. by calling it part of the "Axis of Evil." Let's just hope Obama's recent Cairo speech had the opposite affect....

  2. I just gained 5 lbs. reading about the chocolate bag!

    I agree with you about the amazing uprising in Iran. I can so completely relate to their angst as I felt the same way after the selection of GW Bush in 2000. If we had an uprising here, I sure didn't see it from our media.

    Nice blog, BTW! :)

  3. I see you in the picture, but where's the future DIL?

  4. LOL. In my dreams. The picture is in the wrong place. It's some actors from this season of True Blood. Although future DIL is just as cute. Just smaller. I wasn't that cute in my best days, which weren't all that bad, but are long, long gone.

  5. Getting around here a little late, trying to catch up on my reading.

    I want one of those "chocolate bags" for dinner.

    There's something to be said for the people of Iran. They didn't give up on a stolen election like we did.