Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Former Prez makes Handy Wipe for Former Prez

I know there are much more relevant Republicans to make fun of right now. It's kind of silly even to bother with Dubya at this point, and to be fair, he's been staying out of the current president's business unlike Darth Cheney. So, it's almost wrong to highlight this video of him being him, but like the mountain, it was there.


  1. No wonder he is the way he is.. remember his mother's comments after Katrina...

    I don't remember the exact words.. but it had to do with race and being dirty.

  2. I'm not sure. I do remember her saying how about a zillion people living in one big shelter having lost everything they had were better off for Katrina. She's some piece of work.

  3. Hand wipe! Hand wipe! Doin' that crazy hand wipe!

    Bill just plain has the common touch, doesn't he.