Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thank you Bob Cesca, thank you John Cole

First I saw this by Bob Cesca which linked to this by John Cole. All I want to say is, yeah, what they said. And to thank them for saying it.


  1. Great piece by both.. and as Bob said.. WTF is up with Jane Hamsher.. has she lost what little mind she had left. She is becoming the lefts Liz Cheney I think.. and I am not the only one thinking this.

  2. Hamsher's piece is juvenile and naive. It reads like she's never been to Washington, D.C. before.

    Does she think that Lynn Woolsey likes what Bart Stupak is doing? Unlike Hamsher, who can comment from her Olympian perch, Woolsey has to decide whether she can swallow something that is anathema to her in order to extend health insurance to 30,000,000 people and eliminate rescission and denial of coverage because of pre-existing conditions. She has to decide this knowing that if the bill fails, it will be 20 years before anyone considers HCR again and that the problem will grow exponentially worse.

    RANT ON:
    I am more and more frustrated with liberals and progressives who refuse to consider the context of HCR and indeed most of what the president is trying to do. This country has drifted right since 1980, and you just don't turn a massive ocean liner with a big head of steam around in a year.

    And please don't tell me about FDR and LBJ. Both were bolstered by serious and effective progressive movements (labor for Roosevelt and civil rights for Johnson). Where are the progressives now? ACORN gets in a little trouble, Democratic congressmen treat it like it has leprosy, and one of the most effective progressive organizations out there is in ruins.