Saturday, March 13, 2010

Glenn Beck, meet Bruce Springsteen

Born in the U.S.A.

Glenn Beck got hold of the lyrics to Born in the USA and, like other conservatives before him, was chagrined.  It happens over and over and demonstrates what must be obvious to everyone by now. Conservatives don't listen. Or read. Most albums used to come with lyric sheets. Springsteen is, of course, one of the most consistent, outspoken progressives in rock music. But then, who can a conservative rely on, musically speaking? Well, there's always good  Ted Nugent. They've got Ted on their side all right. There are a few others in the world of rock music but not a whole lot of the important ones. The conservative will find greener pastures in the world of country music, but it's certainly not monolithic so even there, they'll need to listen to the words to be sure.

Conservatives need to give it up and chill with some nice Lawrence Welk. Rock music is inherently free-thinking and it was the idealogical forebears of Glenn Beck who saw that in early rock and roll and tried to kill it in its cradle. To put in high school terms -  which seems appropriate - rock music is the always alluring Rebel and the Glenn Becks of the world are the Hall Monitor. And the Hall Monitor was pretty much beneath contempt.

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  1. For Glenn Beck, there's nothing more unpatriotic than the truth...

  2. This Land Is Your Land is unpatriotic? When did that happen?

    Does Beck have any actual factual objections to the 26-year old song he finally got around to listening to? Does he think that many Vietnam veterans did not come from dead-end small towns, did not join the Army as an alternative to jail, did not lose buddies with Vietnamese girl friends, and did not return to a country that turned their backs on them?

    And what does he think we sent soldiers over there for if not to kill "the yellow man." Glenn is probably too young to remember it, but the news accounts back then -- which the military promoted -- were all about body count.

    What a moron. Hmmm. Maybe he should read the words to the Boss' album The Ghost of Tom Joad. With any luck, they'd give him a stroke.

  3. Good thinking on the stroke. I've been told by many right wingers that This Land is unpatriotic. Maybe someone told them about the Private Property verse. And if we really want to bring on mass strokes, perhaps we should teach our school children to sing Guthrie's Deportees.

  4. Just more proof Beck is an idiot...and loves to stir controversy.. From this he went after the Churches and religion and is in hot water with them.. I always thought that was part of his base believers and now he is attacking them.. and did he forget that Sir Ronnie adored Bruce and his song.. How funny.