Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Giant Leap for Blogger

You can read about it on the Official Google Blog, Blogger Buzz or for the most detail the Blogger in Draft blog. Blogger is introducing Template Designer. I know there are a lot of very iimportant things going on right now, but I have to admit that when I caught the post about this on the Google Blog it took my breath away. Of course there were some mixed feelings. I'd just finished finding a three column template and installing it and customizing it. That was a few days ago, really. And now you can do the same thing with a few clicks of the mouse.

This is why I came back to Blogger after a sojourn at Wordpress. Blogger, like many Google products, will seem to take forever to upgrade features like this. Their template sets had grown so old that they were recommending other sites to find more up to date ones not too long ago. Now, in a very short time they've burst forth with the features bloggers dream about. First they added  pages about month ago. A much valued feature in Wordpress, pages can turn your blog into a whole website if you should want that. And now Template Designer, which lets you choose a more up to date template, and then customize it completely. The best thing about it is the way you can choose one, two or three columns, change that around whenever you want, and rearrange the layout of the columns. All very tricky stuff in CSS and now there's no need to hurt your brain doing it.  You can also change the width of....everything. You can, in fact, have it your way.

So what are you waiting for? Go fool around with this.It'll take your mind off the health care debate and/or  tea baggers for a while. Just save the old template first, just in case.


  1. One of the nice things about Blogger/Google, is that they're constantly working on things, even if it takes time. A redesign this major probably took a lot of time to code.

    And there was a poll they created last year to get feedback on the most desired features. I added my opinions and it seems they really listened to what we all had to say.

    I love the new template designer. I'm slowly bringing my blogs into the fold, so to speak, though one will keep the custom template I found elsewhere because it's so cool.

    And not only can you choose 3 columns for the body, you can then customize the footer separately. The possibilities seem endless!

  2. Yes, and they say there's more to come. Fun stuff!

  3. I'm so giddy now with excitement, I don't think I could stand more for a while. ;)

    I stayed up way too late last night playing with templates.