Monday, March 1, 2010

Google + Picnik=Yummy photo editing goodness for all

I saw it on Shelly's blog first. I was hoping for this day. Picnik had to get acquired. It was just a question of by whom. It's always had a Googlish attitude about itself, I thought. It does these impressive without letting on that it takes itself all that seriously. I love Picnik. It's incredibly handy to use from work where I don't have Photoshop. Actually, at work they think that the Adobe photo album thing that comes with most all PCs is Photoshop. For my rather simple needs there, Picnik does just fine. Sometimes I use it at home, too, where Photoshop is always available just because it's more fun and has such a pretty website.

Congratulations to both companies and their users. May this turn out to be a match made in Heaven.


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  2. Oh I see the Chinese character spammer has found you... I have had them at my place too..

    My granddaughter uses Picnik and she showed it to me the other day.. it was awesome..

    I think it is something people are going to love once they discover it.