Monday, March 29, 2010

New One On Me

I don't know if this one is going around. I heard it in the local drug store, not the media. I walked in while one of the pharmacists, the counter clerk and a customer were discussing yet another reason that Health Care reform is no good. Not enough Primary Care Physicians. The pharmacist wondered  with 32 million more people in the system who would take care of them? The counter clerk said it wouldn't matter because it would take six months to get an appointment. The customer said it was scary, was what it was. Just scary. 

Scarier than having a huge portion of our population without access to health care? Scarier than being priced out of the insurance market? I guess that was the idea. 


  1. That's because they're sending the doctors to Africa--First Comrade Obama's home country!--where our tax dollars are gonna pay for their healthcare!! All anybody's gonna get in the US are government subsidized abortions for white Christian babies!!!

    Seriously, it'd help if they got rid of this need-for-a-referral-from-primary-care-doctor requirement to see a specialist. I've gone to (and paid for) a number of completely unnecessary primary care appointments just to get what was obviously a necessary referral (in one case, I had a referral from the emergency room, along with x-rays showing I had a badly broken left hand) (another time, my optometrist thought I need to see an ophthalmologist for glaucoma testing, and, thankfully, my primary care doctor agreed to write a referral without my going in, but I'm sure a lot wouldn't have).

  2. Hey, they've got there's right?

    My PCP will make a referral if I call and ask for one, unless the symptoms I describe are something he wants to have a look at.

  3. Ours, too, K. And that's true of everyone I know. Most of them have a system in place for that right now.