Sunday, April 26, 2009

100 Days of Conservative Fail

I think by now everyone who has the stomach has read the NY Post’s 100 Day, 100 Mistakes, in which selected wingnuts get to say what they think President Obama has done wrong. Notwithstanding the poll in the more respectable Post that agrees with all the other polls that say that our President still enjoys high approval ratings, according to the wingnuts it’s just been one mistake after another. In response I thought it might be nice to start another meme, in a loose kind of way. No tagging, it’s for anyone who stops by and feels like playing. I thought we could start a list of conservative mistakes made in the same hundred days. I know there are a lot more than a hundred, but let’s keep it manageable. What I was thinking was I could post a couple and someone else could take those and post a couple more and so on. Just come back and let me know about your post and I’ll come by and add them to this one. Links are optional, but you should be able to back up your items with references if challenged. So, what do you say? Want to play?

I’m not going to glom up all the easy ones. I’m just starting with two:

1. Bobby Jindal’s Speech Fail

2. Sarah Palin’s public pissing match with teenage grandbaby daddy.

There are so many more. So very many.


  1. 3. Actually expecting people to believe that the "tea parties" were a "grassroots" and "populist" phenomenon.

    4. In those same "tea parties," failing to see the difference between protesting taxation without representation and protesting because your side lost.

    5. Numerous prominent Republicans downplaying the importance of Rush Limbaugh only to have to publically apologize the next day.

  2. 6. Governor Perry of Texas talking about seceding a week ago and today asking for federal money to deal with swine flu...

    7. Continuing to push Joe the Plumber.

    8. Joe the Plumber.

    9. Joe the Plumber.

    10. Joe the Plumber.

  3. 11.The self same NY Post publishing an Op-Ed from Sarah Palin, then later having to come back and say Oops it really wasn't from her.. well it wasn't really even from her spokesperson, it was from someone else all together and they have no connection to Palin in any way, shape or form. No explanation for how the wires got crossed, they just did.. Best link I could give you would be to Progressive Alaska's Blog

  4. Excellent. I think tomorrow I'll update with the new ones and appropriate credit and links. Also, anyone's welcome to take these and work with them on their own blog. Just let us know.

  5. If you get a chance you should go to Phil's site Progressive Alaska.. He has the story about how it all turned out.. It is so unreal. Also unbelievable. I mean As in I think it is a lie but it is the NY Post's story and they are sticking to He also has some of the comments up from the SP lovers before they found out she didn't write it.. of course they didn't care she didn't write it.. they claimed it.. flaming on Pres. Obama and how wonderful she is. Disgusting.