Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Republican Fail of the Day

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It’s all Arlen today. Our newest Democrat. I know that not every progressive is sure that Arlen Specter’s party switch is something to celebrate. I’m on the side of it being a huge plus for a couple of reasons. Oh, I know he’s going to be a lousy Democrat by my standards. But that isn’t always everything.

There is, of course, the obvious. He’s not just joining the Democrats – he’s leaving the Republicans. It’s sweet, no question. But it’s also an important kick in the ass. I’m all for a more moderate GOP. It would be a lot less scary to lose an election if it was the party of Rockefeller that did the winning. Instead it’s the John Birch Society. It’s Joe McCarthy apologists and religious extremists.  It’s more like a radical right wing organization than a major political party. Since they will no longer support their moderates, it’s far better that their moderates give up supporting them. At this point it’s just enabling.

Then of course, there’s the voting. He didn’t have to tell us that he won’t be the automatic 60th vote. That’s obvious. Even if he was going to vote our way all the time there’s still Ben Nelson and other blue dogs to contend with. While I’m sure that other Democrats who’ve been considering a run for Specter’s seat in 2010 would be better for the Democratic agenda, it’s not 2010 yet and there’s a lot of important stuff coming up before that election. Better to have Specter thinking about the general election voters than Republican primary voters.

Does anyone think it’s time to put the Republican Party on the endangered species list?

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  1. I think it is very likely they are on the endangered species list.. and after the elections next year maybe even worse. They just seem to make themselves worse every day.

  2. The blindness that Republicans have to their situation is breathtaking. But, even if they could see, I don't know what they'd do. They're completely discredited and they're not position to regain their credibility. What the ones in office could do is be more cooperative. But the base would go bonkers. Nationally, the party is hostage to a bunch of anti-intellectual yahoos -- the philistine element of politics.

  3. Somehow or other the inmates took hijacked the GOP bus. Those yahoos were supposed to be the dupes that helped the kleptocracy maintain power. Now they're driving the whole shebang right over a cliff.

  4. You would think after a while they would realize the more they scream and yell about how Pres. Obama is ruining the country, and they are the only ones who can fix it, that they would get the picture. But it seems they don't. All their screams are just backfiring. His numbers go up and theirs go down, and they just scream that much louder...I love it.. Now the latest polls are out and even Shrub and Cheney's numbers are going down...lol

    What does that tell you...They are just out of touch with reality and the people.

  5. It was a good move for both Specter and the Dems. I'm sure he won't always vote with the left, but the chances are he will more now than if he stayed with the Rethugs.

  6. That's what I think, exactly, Grandpa Eddie.

  7. ///Does anyone think it’s time to put the Republican Party on the endangered species list? ///

    Yes! The Republicans are so crazy, I don't know how they're even still a credible party. This evening Perry declared a State of Emergency here, so we can be first in line for Federal Aid (remember two weeks ago he wanted to secede).

    I wonder if this is going to involve FEMA? You know how that worked out last time.

  8. As a Pennsylvania democrat, I find it almost funny to read about Specter switching parties only to announce that he's going to oppose Obama on practically anything. Oh, clearly, he's thinking, it's going to be so easy to win the Democratic primary, he doesn't even need to worry about it...which shows he's as delusional as his ex-colleagues in the Republican party who think they lost in November because they weren't conservative enough and that all they need to do is keep calling Obama a socialist to find themselves back in power. Mark my words, a year from now, a guy named Joe Sestak is going to mop the floor with Specter in the primary, and go on to be a REAL Democratic senator for Pennsylvania....

  9. Hope you're right, YogaforCynics. Sestak looks good. Seems to me that if Specter is no help at all with the Democratic agenda this year then that should be a deal breaker for next year. But then, I don't know what all is going to go on behind the scenes. All he has to do is vote for cloture on some things and that would be enough. Whether he will, of course, looks very much in doubt right now.