Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Ironic Thing Is…

evilhappy This cat is named Happy.

Actually, the cat photo is to serve as a distraction from the fact that I haven’t posted at all this week. The excuses are as follows:

  1. Been feeling a little under the weather. Not bad enough to stay home from work, but enough so that I fall asleep before any blogging can take place.
  2. Lola, the new dog, is getting to be a bit more high maintenance. She’s al settled in and still well behaved, but wants attention and walks and things. She’s got a lot more energy than one would think just by looking at her.
  3. And the top reason for not posting this week – TORTURE. As the situation regarding Bush era torture of detainees has taken on a life of its own it’s been a lot more absorbing to watch coverage of it and read about it than to write about it. Even though we already knew about it, those memos seemed newly shocking. There’s so much to say about it, but others are saying it much better than I could, so I watch and read.

As an addendum, I hope that Sean Hannity realizes that Keith Olbermann isn’t going to let him alone on his offer to be waterboarded for charity. Olbermann is taking him up on it and putting up a thousand dollars a second for the families of the troops, and I doubt Hannity is going to hear the last of it unless he agrees to do it.

Oh, and it’s kind of riveting to watch the GOP get nuttier and nuttier. It’s hard to look away from that for long enough to post this.

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  1. Sometimes I find it difficult trying to decide on what I want to post about. Lately the Rethuglicans have given the liberal bloggers so much ammunition that one spends most of the day just going through everything.

  2. It's so true. But think how relieved the late night comedians must be. Obama makes a lousy punchline and Bush did spoil them quite a bit.

  3. The comedians are gonna start getting stressed out 'cause they aren't gonna know what to start with every much material, so little time.

  4. Like you said, gives the comedians good copy.. How about changing the name of the Democratic party.. the RNC now has a resolution up about that. I just posted about
    Can you believe that's what they want... Guess it's hard to figure out what they will come up with next.
    The torture is hard to figure what to do next, I think it should be investigated, but how can you have a fair trial or hearing in the US.. I just don't think there is any way. I hope they take it to the Hague for a trial..I think that is the only way, too many hands in the pot other wise and no way to keep politics out of it here in the States other wise.

  5. One can only hope Hannity surpasses the mark set by KSM.

  6. Oh, the moral paradox of wanting to see people who are in favor of torture tortured because I'm so against it....think there's any chance Limbaugh can be talked into it, too?

  7. Well, if they volunteer it's not such a moral dilemma, right? If someone wants to talk Rush into it, the key is probably not to offer money. Offer oxycontin.

  8. Zen, I have tagged you for an award.. please stop by..

  9. Sometimes I can't decide what to read first - your comments or your post.

    And I love evilkitty... but then my third ex-husband said I never saw a cat I didn't like...

    (I have, however, un-liked a few men...)