Monday, April 27, 2009

Conservative Fail, Part Deux

Dead elephant

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I think we have to be timely and add stripping money for pandemic preparation from the stimulus bill. While we’re at it, lets throw in mocking volcano monitoring funds.

So, far we have:

Bobby Jindal’s Speech Fail

Sarah Palin’s public pissing match with teenage grandbaby daddy.

Via Annette one hilariously ironic fail involving Sarah Palin, the New York Post and the self-same article that inspired these posts.

Yoga for cynics give us:

Actually expecting people to believe that the "tea parties" were a "grassroots" and "populist" phenomenon.

In those same "tea parties," failing to see the difference between protesting taxation without representation and protesting because your side lost.

Numerous prominent Republicans downplaying the importance of Rush Limbaugh only to have to publically apologize the next day.

Governor Perry of Texas talking about seceding a week ago and today asking for federal money to deal with swine flu...

Continuing to push Joe the Plumber.

Joe the Plumber.

Joe the Plumber.

Joe the Plumber.

I’d have to add, regarding the tea parties, failing to realize that when “teabag” is used as a verb, it doesn’t mean what they seemed to think it meant.

Finding volcano monitoring mock-worthy, followed immediately by volcanic activity

Just for today there are three no-brainers:

The cutting of pandemic money from the stimulus bill

Glenn Beck’s speculation that the swine flu alert is a plot to get our Secretary of Health and Human Services confirmed, while Rush Limbaugh has his own conspiracy theories about it all.

And, of course, yet another poll showing that the Republican Party is more popular than swine flu, but not much else. Meanwhile, people really like President Obama.


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  1. Great job.. This was a really neat post.. the only other thing I could possibly think of to add would be maybe the way they are all denying the torture. But that is just so serious how can you add that?

  2. I do have one more... Michell Bachmann.. God how could we have forgotten the crazy lady of the GOP... geeze There is so much of her... and Michael Steele.. his bragging on how Ny20 was going to be a referendum on Pres. Obama because it was a sure win for the GOP and now we are one more Democratic Representative in the majority. Epic Fail on the part of the GOP on that one... lol

  3. Yeah Glenn we got Israel, New Zealand, Mexico, all of Europe, and all of Asia to go along with the plot just to drive you crazy.

  4. Annette, Michelle was getting added tonight. Once you start thinking about it there are so many..

    Grandpa Eddie, even better. A global conspiracy. That's the best thing since sliced, spongy, nutrient-free white bread.

  5. Zen.. The DCCC has a web site up for Bachmann... it is all about her and her antics. Too