Monday, April 6, 2009

We’re Going To Need A Bigger Net

Frank Gaffney

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If by any chance you missed Hardball tonight, Think Progress has the video wherein Frank Gaffney maintains that President Obama speaks in code. See, when he says, “respect”, in regard to Muslims it really means “submission”.  He’s telling Muslim nations – in code – that we’ll submit to them. Yeah. That’s what Gaffney said. There’s a lot of mental illness going around on the right this season. 

Between Michelle Bachman, Newt, Michael Steele and the rest of the gang, I’m obligated to add a “Batshit Crazy” label for this blog.

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  1. Yeah, I wasn't sure exactly what he was saying.. I am glad you explained it to I heard him saying something about code...but couldn't quite decipher it.. Geeze.. I have the crazy that is Michelle up...Well her

  2. Michelle Bachman is a very well-respected colleague. Our entire caucus gets their opinions on my of the topics of the day from that Minnesota firebrand. She is hardly "Batshit Crazy" It is well known Obama speaks in code. I believe that Obama predicted the Italian earthquakes using this code and in fact has through his speeches predicted every natural disaster over the past 6 years.

  3. Predicting those natural disasters is quite a talent. Having a president who could do that would be quite the change from one who can't recognize one when it's already happened.