Friday, April 3, 2009

Hats Off to Iowa

State seal of Iowa

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If there was an award for Most Valuable State, I think Iowa should get it for last year and this one. They pretty much gave us our president. This president. The one that people like. So many people said they decided to vote for Barack Obama in their primaries after he won Iowa. I was one of those. It was only after Iowa that I thought, hey, this might just be possible. That turned out well, so there’s reason to have high hopes that the overturning of the ban on gay marriage will hold up as well.

Iowa has a habit of doing cool things, so this isn’t really new. They’re just not all flashy and braggy about it. But Iowa has a long history of being a cool state.

Iowa has enforced its constitution in a series of landmark court decisions, including those that struck down slavery (in 1839) and segregation (cases in 1868 and 1873), and upheld women’s rights by becoming the first state in the nation to allow a woman to practice law, in 1869.

Iowa Representative Steve King worries that Iowa will become a “Gay marriage Mecca”. There are a lot of worse things to be. In this economy being a Mecca for almost anything is a good thing. Enjoy it while it lasts. Eventually most states will have it, but right now there are opportunities for wedding chapels, catering halls, formal wear and all the other stuff that goes with weddings.

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  1. This is just awesome, I think.. And it is exactly what Pres. Obama said he wanted. The states should lead the way, each state adopting and changing the marriage laws to allow same sex marriage and in that way changing the country, instead of trying to force the country to change all at once.

    It is much easier to change one state at a time, than to change the country and expect it to work.

  2. Marriage laws are generally up to the states. The federal government just needs to stay out of the way and it will work out in time.

  3. Haha I just found this after posting my own blog about how conservatives in the Midwest had better be afraid, for their doom is in the air (I realize I totally sounded biblical in that last statement). I decided to link to this post, though. Well done. Iowa's an awesome place.