Friday, April 17, 2009

Bye-Bye Texas?

Texas state welcome sign

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Update: Nate has posted a beautiful break-up video just for Texas at  Bring a hanky. Nate is very sensitive for a conservative.

Texas is seceding? I was just  catching up on teabagging news only to find out that Texas might be leaving the union. I have such mixed feelings. If it must be then it must, but we just can’t  let them get hold of weapons of mass destruction. Or at least not any more than they’ve already got.

It’ll be sad to see them go, but as long as they’re going can we put Tom Delay on some kind of terrorist watch list and keep him out of the USA once Texas is a separate country. That would be a pretty big upside to the situation.

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  1. We let them have Tom Delay, Dick Armey George Bush... I say we got a Get them the hell out of here...

  2. Thanks for the Shoutout as always Zen. I really liked the label for this one.