Sunday, March 1, 2009

6th Time's the Charm?

Birthday Cupcake With A Colorful Wrapper And Sprinkles, Topped With A Lit Candle Clipart Illustration I just noticed that today this blog is one month old. Now, I'm not going to be celebrating every monthiversary, but the first one is always special. I think this is my sixth blog, but this one is the real thing. I'm sure. It just feels right, like the eHarmony ads are always talking about.

It’s been a great first month. Traffic shot up from the high single digits to the (very) low single digits quickly. It’s been a pleasure to connect with old blog friends to make some wonderful new ones.  Blogger has made that much easier with their handy dandy new blogroll thingy, which tells you when your favorite blogs have updated. I’m really liking that.

I’ve got my blogging head back on straight. If you hear or read something interesting and your first impulse is to discuss it with friends or family instead of evaluating whether or not it’s blogworthy, well then you know you’ve lost your mojo. That’s where I was at, but no more. Now, once again, I can spend a whole evening saying nothing to Mr. Yenta but, “Please, I can’t talk now. I’m trying to blog.”

This blog has been so good to me that I thought I’d get it a little gift to mark the occasion, so I downloaded Windows Live Writer. It does have a lot of nice features and really handy plugins that you can download. Of course, the first post I tried with it, it froze right up. We’re giving it one more shot. I’d like that to work out because there’s a Zemanta plugin and Zemanta is really handy. I use it mostly for the photos and the links. It suggests the photos and provides them  and will put in the incidental links for you. If the photo is part of the point of the post, I wouldn’t use it, but if you just want something illustrative, it’s a great timesaver. I’ll also suggest tags and give you related links if you want them. So, I’m kind of crossing my fingers that this works out.

In any case, I just want to say thanks to everyone who’s dropped by, commented, followed, blogrolled and just generally been so friendly in our first month. Now I promise not do another post like this until it’s been a year.

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  1. I have no desire to switch from Word Press, but I really hope they'll get a widget like that blogroll. That thing is great!

  2. It really is. You can set it to have snippets or post titles, too. Some people have that and it's pretty nice, but that takes up a lot of room. You can also choose how you want them ordered. Right now I have it so the most recently updated come to the top. I can be totally lazy about it and still mostly know who's posted lately.

  3. I'm helping your hit total a lot because I keep coming here to use the blogroll :)

  4. Ah...well, we take our traffic where we can get it. Any blogs you want added for your convenience?

  5. The blogroll snippets feature is really nice.

    Have you noticed that each couple on the eHarmony ads has exactly the same skin tone?

  6. I am glad E4E pointed me your are a good find and have pointed me at some others.. Glad you made it this far and am looking to see you on down the

  7. Likewise I'm sure. I really didn't mean to take a victory lap for one little month of blogging, but it really has been fun and mostly because of you, and k and reverend manny and writechic and Shelly...and you get the idea.