Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dedicated To Glen Beck

This song goes out to Glen Beck, Wingnut of the Week and to Fox News, which is outdoing itself. Kisses, Glen.

Lyrics here, in case you want to talk along.


  1. Hello Zen,

    This is Nate's brother-in-law Steve. I am enjoying your blog, especially the mini-Irish setter. I am trying to enjoy a festive St. Pat's Day with my 8 children, but Nate has defamed me. He posted a check on his blog that allegedly shows he paid me back, but he didn't. He has blocked me from posting on his blog (the man is egomaniacal). Would you, as a service to his readers, mind posted there that there is no American Liberty Bank in Chicago, that there are no routing numbers on the check proving payment, that there is no street as 102nd and Tallman in Chicago. THnak you, Yours in Justice, Steve

  2. You fronted Nate money? I'm fond of him, but even I can see that might not be a good idea. I'll be glad to pass the message along. And a Happy St. Pat's day to you and all of yours.

  3. Thanks for your help Zen. It's been 9 months. I can't believe he would take all that time to post a bogus check, but not actually PAY me. I should know better than to lend him money, but he's family. Sad to have a delusional, egomaniacal brother in law.

  4. hey anonymous...

    at least you're not related to glenn beck