Monday, March 23, 2009

Bankers in Rehab

alchol and drugs

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It seems that quite a few people in the financial industry are being driven to drink or drugs, or maybe in some cases they can’t afford their habits any longer. They’re hung over, brung down and strung out and showing up in rehab to come to terms with their drug and/or alcohol problems.

"You're supposed to be a master of the universe, you're supposed to be on top of everything," said one financial services executive who began alcohol rehab in August.

At the risk of sounding callous, life isn’t so easy for those who never, ever had delusions of being masters of the universe either. I don’t want to kick these people when they’re down. At least not all of them. But it would be refreshing if, seeing as these monied pillars of society can develop substance abuse issues upon meeting with adversity, perhaps there could be just a little more understanding of the problems that some people develop when born into adversity. Like, just for starters, stop imprisoning people for non-violent drug offenses and provide more support for getting off drugs even if you never once managed a hedge fund. Just a thought.

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  1. This just breaks my heart. Really.

  2. I would imagine they were already drinking and into drugs before it happened.. now they have lost thier jobs and can't afford the lifestyle so they are in rehab... That's the true story.

    I used to work in the banking industry.. well S&L years ago.. before the bust.. and I know how it used to be.. The execs then were into drinking and drugs as a way of celebrating their largesse.. I don't figure it has changed a lot.

  3. Kinda makes me wanna punch a suit. I don't know.