Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Say It Ain’t So, Michael

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Oh, that’s right. He did say it ain’t so. Apparently the FBI isn’t so sure. Via TPM, RNC Chairman Michael Steele is even more under investigation than he was before, which was plenty.

The FBI is currently investigating possible fraud because a former Steele campaign official claimed no work was performed for the payments made by the campaign to a company controlled by Steele's sister. Steele has denied the charge.

And after he apologized to Rush in a timely manner and everything. It just doesn’t seem quite right.

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  1. HAHAHHH!!! holy crap, maybe Rush really WILL become the head of the RNC.... the question is... can the RNC support such a heavy burden.. hahahahaha.....

    you know, you build a party on hate, lies and self-serving manipulation of the public tools... and THIS is what happens....

    I have zero pity for Steele.

    rock on with your blog self....

    one love,
    --Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire

  2. Michael Steele is such a willing tool, too. If the GOP loses him, who will bring that hip-hop sensibility to the Republican masses, like Steele promised he'd do? It would be a big loss. You can't make this shit up.

  3. Well it was said that the GOP told Steele he needed to hush and get along with Rush or get Maybe they sicced their buddies at the FBI on him to make him toe the line a little

    Sounds like he is just digging himself deeper and deeper...

    With Rush.. the dirt just piles up.. he is such a tool anyway.. there is so much there that the media ignores.. all his race baiting, the belittling he did of Michael J Fox and his Parkinson's, the list goes on and on for him.

    Steele is starting to pile his up I say let them go.. it just means better and better for the Dems...

  4. This is the perfect excuse for Steele to spend more time with his family.