Saturday, March 21, 2009

Flammable Tap Water

This just can’t be a good thing.

flame A Colorado couple says they have so much natural gas in their water they can light it on fire, reports CBS4 Denver's Shaun Boyd. Jesse and Amee Ellsworth, of Ft Lupton, a tiny city north of Denver, say the gas has been leaking into their water well from a nearby gas well for the last six months.
Aimee Ellsworth says their only clue that something was wrong was the pressure of the water.
"It crashed, made noises. I thought this isn't normal." She says tests found explosive levels of the gas in her basement, bathroom and by her water well. "I'm jittery all the time" says Ellsworth. Her home is located in a rural area within a half mile of eight natural gas wells.

Like people don’t have enough problems without having their tap water burst into flames? The gas company is working to figure out where the leak is coming from.


  1. I would pack my things and leave until it was fixed were I facing such a circumstance. I have added a link to your blog and do love it. Really unique

  2. Very happy to add you to my blogroll, too. As to packing and leaving, if you go by horror movies and flammable water could certainly be in such a movie, no one ever leaves. Did you ever see the ones in which the walls are bleeding, apparitions are appearing and all manner of disturbing things are happening and not only does no one leave, but the inhabitants SPLIT UP to search the place separately.

  3. I saw a report on that last night, complete with flaming tap.

    I am (heh) incensed that this could happen!

  4. Scary! I saw video of something like this a few months ago. A man lit his tap water for a news photographer.

  5. Water that crashes and catches fire cannot be a good thing.