Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bush Legacy Tour – Minions Edition

Of all the Loyal Bushies out and about trying to talk up the Bush administration’s “accomplishments” I think that Ari Fleischer is my favorite. Not counting Cheney – because he is in a class by himself – Fleischer seems the most like what he is. He comes across as a pure, unadulterated douchebag. Chris Matthews, as is not unusual, is hampered by an over abundance of passionate sincerity as well as saliva in this interview/confrontation. It still beats the hell out of these people being allowed to show up and repeat proven lies and obfuscations for posterity without any serious challenge. So, go, Tweety. Keep on keeping on.


  1. I think the big thing that Chris really missed in that was the AGAIN.. Ari said Hussein didn't hit us AGAIN... Hell he never hit us in the first

    Yeah it is just amazing to me. I quit watching Chris Matthews.. he just got to the point he is letting these stupid republicans on and letting them run his show too much and just letting their crap hang out there. Trent Lott, Tom DeLay, Dickless Armey, now, this crap.. I see it was hard to get much of a word in there but still.. he is the host.. do like Fox, cut his mike off and say what you

  2. I think the fact we had no terrorist attacks after 9/11 and no major cities destroyed after Katrina are both feather's in Bush's hat.

  3. Thanks, Annette. The "again" didn't escape me, either. Am I glad those guys are gone. Obama is such a breath of fresh air.