Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another First Blogiversary

That’s Right, Nate is celebrating its first full year. We here at the Yenta household wish him the very best and many happy returns. We think it’s great that he’s hung in their despite the devastating rejection at the polls of his whole political philosophy. That kind of thing could bring a guy down, but he’s still plugging away. Good on you, Nate. If you can keep writing it, I guess we can keep reading it.



  1. Woo Hoo will have to go visit him.. I like Nate.. He is a great guy.

  2. Oh he's an amazing guy and have you seen his picture? He's so hot too. If I was anywhere near Chicago I'd be all over him. In fact I just might move. He'd be quite for a wealthy single attractive conservative Christian woman between 21-28. I love your blog too Zen though I never have posted before.


  3. Zen, can you erase that last comment. I think somebody hacked into my account. She sounds very attractive, but I wouldn't want anybody thinking I wrote that.


  4. Nate, you've got to use an alternate identity if you're going to be a sock puppet. Happy bday!

  5. holy crap... i thought this was just a sarcastic troll blog making fun of republican principles... hahahha... oh man... thanks zen... laughed profusely...

    happy b'day nate... keep the debates coming...

    one love,
    --the rev

  6. Thanks Reverend Manny, you can be sure I will. You're not a Papist I hope.