Sunday, February 1, 2009

B.A.D. day for a new start?

Small Bad2

It's Blogroll Amnesty Day from now until February 3rd, which is the real Blogroll Amnesty Day. I know this is true because I read it on Jon Swift and Skippy.

There are some rules for participating. One is to link to five blogs with less traffic than your own. Another is not to whine about how there are no blogs with less traffic than your own. I hope there can be an exception for a blog that was just started TODAY. I haven't really finished setting it up. And I have only just begun to blogroll! There are lots of favorites that aren't up there yet. This is not a whine. This is something I do to myself.

Actually, I'm kind of hoping that amnesty could extend to people who annoy other people who have been kind enough to link to them by changing URL's a little too often. More about that in another post. This one is about linking to other blogs. It is worth noting, however, that in between my old blog here and this new one, I blogged at Wordpress for a bit and met some lovely blogs that were new, or at least new to me. Some of my favorites:

That's Right Nate is a blog I came across this past year. It's relatively new, but Nate is building traffic very quickly because he's just that good. You read one post and you've got to go back for more.

WriteChic Press is another. She's a news pro who's doing her own thing now and has excellent analysis, lots of videos and a very cool take on things.

Soup Is Not a Finger Food - Well, with a name that's reminiscent of a Jean Kerr title, I had to check this one out. What I found was a woman, about a generation younger than myself, who you just have to like. She's witty, warm, sometimes reflective and always a good read.

Blog de Ford - A fellow from Indiana. He might have been the vote that put Obama over the top there. I was so happy for him when his state went blue. He went to the inauguration and has a wonderful post about it- with pictures.

Roadkill Refugee is political news, opinion, satire, lots of good videos and a daily visit won't hurt you a bit, unless you're a kind of thin skinned Republican.

Falling on a Bruise - Not new and it's here on Blogger. I only got to know this one recently, however. Lucy, whose blog it is, is British and very liberal. She writes on politics a lot. I hope I never get over the thrill of us regular people being able to have transcontinental exchanges without so much as a long distance charge. I imagine if you're only twenty-something that's just kind of ho-hum. At pushing sixty it remains a miracle.
That's six I think. There could be a lot more, but I have to get going with my son's birthday brunch. He's thirty today. Oy!


  1. Dang, girl. You moved? Guess I better start housekeeping. ;-)

  2. Yeh...sorry..heh. This is the last time. I almost promise.

  3. Writechic Rocks!! She's one of my daily reads...

    I love B.A.D. days

    one love,
    --reverend manny and the twilight empire

  4. Reverend, it's a pleasure to meet you. I have to but you on my blogroll. You seem like a very interesting guy. B.A.D. days are excellent indeed.

  5. It is an honor to be mentioned. Good luck in your new home.