Monday, February 2, 2009

B.A.D. Housekeeping

New blogs usually come with some sort of inaugural post, but this is B.A.D. times so I kind of plunged right in with that. I do owe a couple of words of thanks and that fits right in with the spirit of B.A.D. because it involves linking to blogs.

SinceI went to try Wordpress, Blogger has added some spiffy features. I haven't explored them all, but I particularly like the blogroll. Due to space considerations, I only chose to have the time of the most recent post for the blogs on the roll, but that's real handy. It makes it very easy to keep up with your favorite blogs, at least until the list gets really, really long.

"Follow" is another new-to-me feature. At first glance it seems a tad redundant, what with the blogroll, but it's nice and I'm pretty sure it'll turn out to have a thousand and one uses, so I put it in, Imagine my surprise when I had a follower! Hell, I'm not even sure where I'm going, so following could be kind of futile. It turned out to be Shelly of The View From Here and many other blogs! Thanks Shelly. It was a real boost to see that after one day. Following you right back. Then came Jon Swift. Yes, that Jon Swift. The Jon Swift who has become a legend among bloggers. I had put him on my own list to follow and Jon is incredibly kind, a true gentlemen and apparently his policy of reciprocation extends beyond the blogroll. I never expected that and I thank him very much.

Finally there's my new blog header. A modest thing, it's true. But it's me. As soon as I saw it, with the mugs of tea, the hand drawn is absolutely me. But I didn't do it. I got it the way people on the internets get things. By wandering around the series of tubes. First I went looking for a new Blogger template and landed on Eblog Templates, which has a great selection of them, most of them free. I downloaded several of gorgeous templates which I didn't end up using because I followed a link from there to Smashing Magazine which was offering, among tons of other goodies, free blog headers designed by artists in their community. I chose one made by Maria who is in Spain. Her blog is in Spanish, which I can't actually read, but I can at least say "Gracias" to Maria.