Thursday, February 12, 2009

Judd, we hardly knew you.

Judd Gregg, U.S. Senator from New Hampshire.Image via Wikipedia

So I get home from work and Mr. Yenta tells me that that Judd Gregg has withdrawn as Commerce Secretary. Apparently the senator just noticed that the Obama administration was of the Democratic persuasion. So now what do we do with all that Gregg gear? I mean the t-shirts, the bobblehead dolls, the Judd Gregg posters? We were so sure we were going to make a killing on Ebay.

No, really, the logical reaction to this development is, to quote John Boehner, "Whatever." Unless you're a member of the chattering classes, in which case you need to report that Washington is "shaken". Maybe it is, but I think the rest of the country will probably not particularly notice. I give the President all the credit in the world for making good faith efforts at bipartisanship, but it might just be better to put the Republican party out of its misery. Out of kindness.

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  1. How about... Good bad rubbish.

    Sounds like from what I am hearing, he wasn't going to get his way at Commerce over the Census because they didn't trust him so Rahm was going to oversee it and that didn't set like all good rethuglicans he is picking up his marbles and going home.