Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jindal's Kidding, Right?

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This some kind of sick Republican joke, right? Governor Bobby Jindal couldn't possibly be turning down a significant portion of federally funded assistance to unemployed workers in his state. Could he? In Louisiana? This should work out well for everyone concerned. I mean, we all know he wants to run for president and it'll make better talking points to say that he turned down a lot of the money than to have go through the tedium of explaining why he took it over and over again. But, shit Governor Bobby - are you planning to personally provide those badly needed benefits to unemployed citizens of your state? If not, you'd best be watching out for torches and pitchforks.
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  1. Aren't they just showing their stupidity well, these republicans.. it just gets better and better. I can't believe he thinks this will make him more popular.

  2. I'm probably being too personal, but wtf. I've actually slept in a FEMA trailer. I've actually had to steer my kids away from what looked like toxic soil when we went down to help my sister in the N.O. metro area.

    Jindal is a monster for this. Some fucking executive.

  3. It's really stealing from the citizens of the state, and stealing for the sake of his political ambitions. Louisiana is a stepping stone to him and he's stepping all over it.

  4. Great way for him to endear himself to LA voters. It seems just plain dumb.

  5. It's the Republican political dilemma: Jindal makes an idiotic gesture that appeals to the loonies who dominate the primaries and control the nominating process. But if he emerges from that as the party nominee (unlikely, IMHO), he's spent so much political capital appeasing the right that he can't credibly move to the center. It's exquisite, really.

  6. It's true, but it does royally suck for the people getting screwed by his gesture. That extension of unemployment benefits can make a huge difference to people who need it.