Friday, February 13, 2009

A Zealot By Any Other Name Would Stink, Too

Via Washington Monthly the Religious Right wants a new name. "Religious Right" can cast a negative connotation, they say. Others worry that "Christian Right" is too limiting. They want fundamentalists of other denominations to feel free to join in their quest to force public policy, and thereby the rest of us, to conform to their rather narrow religious beliefs. They seem to hate affectionate alternatives such as "American Taliban", which is a shame because it seems so apt.

I've always favored "Religio-fascist". I think it really works. It could be considered pejorative, I suppose, but it should only bother you if it applies to you. If you're minding your own business then there's no reason to care how socially conservative your religion requires you to be and you're not a religio-fascist, except to those closest to you. Fair enough?

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