Saturday, February 7, 2009

No One Really Wanted to go to Auschwitz

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The Holocaust denying Bishop who got his excommunication lifted by the Pope will possibly reconsider his position on the subject, but not really. The Vatican is insisting and Bishop Richard Williamson says he'll do some more research and get back to them. You know, see if he can turn up any evidence that Jews were gassed by Hitler. Because, really, what's a Nazi sympathizer to believe? And there are complaints about a few glitches in the Obama administration's vetting process?

One thing Williamson is not doing is going to Auschwitz. For one thing he lives in Argentina, so it's damned incovenient. Um...Argentina...Isn't that where a bunch of Nazis escaped to after the war? I think it is. And anyway, who really ever wanted to go to Auschwitz. It's a fair bet that no one ever did. Of course, Williamson would be free to leave whenever he wanted.

If my father were alive he would be all, "I told you so." He never really got over what he saw as shortcomings of the Roman Catholic Church during the Holocaust. That might have been unfair, or at least not totally accurate, but he'd be all over this if he were around.

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  1. I'm right there with your dad. WTF? This pope is particularly creepy.

  2. My dad never really got over what he saw when he was there during the war either. He wasn't at Auschwitz but he was at Dachau. He was part of the 20th Armored that liberated that camp. It haunted him till he died. Too bad the priest wasn't with them.

  3. I worry about the fact that the WWII generation is almost gone. So many of our fathers were there to liberate the camps. Some of my friends' parents actually survived or escaped the holocaust themselves. You can't fudge the facts of history to someone who witnessed it, or even to the chidren of those people, but subsequent generations might be less clear in their minds about it.