Saturday, February 28, 2009

Security Shmecurity. Got to have our tunes.

I saw this on Oliver Willis' blog and followed the link to its source at Holy pile of scary crap!

Employees of Tiversa, a Cranberry Township, Pa.-based security company that specializes in peer-to-peer technology, reportedly found engineering and communications information about Marine One at an IP address in Tehran, Iran.

It seems an employee of a defense contractor in Bethesda had some  file sharing program on his computer.  You know - peer-to-peer. Probably for music. And then poof! The blueprint for Marine One winds up in Iran. 

This is kind of hard to wrap one's mind around this one. A defense contractor employee who had access to sensitive information had a file sharing program installed on his computer. Was allowed to have one. Or else employees workstations are not monitored to see what kind of software they're downloading/installing. I mean, we have the Patriot Act to make sure we don't talk to terrorists - or anyone, apparently - without the government knowing about it. We have warrantless wiretapping and all kinds of eavesdropping to make sure that if a terrorist or other antagonistic entities call you it's going to be picked up, right along with that really awful break-up call you got from your now ex. We have lost civil liberties in the name of national security left and right in the years since 911, but we just send these sensitive files to Tehran along with Coldplay's latest? WTF?

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  1. Yep...perfect thoughts.

    Something else to think about... BroadwayCarl over at Cesca mentioned it... McCain starts talking about the thing you know plans are in Iraq... hmmm