Friday, February 13, 2009

Stimulus Bill Passes

And it's a go. Republicans will now point out that it's been several minutes and there's no sign of improvement in the economy. And of course they'll be freed up to campaign full time against increasing access to healthcare for all of us.

I don't know what the Republicans really wanted to happen with the stimulus. Whatever it is they wanted or want down the road I still say: Obama -1, GOP -0. And that's just this week.

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  1. Will the stimulus bill compromise lower your tax rebate to $8 per week? That appears to be true. The final version has not been passed, but reports indicate the $500 per year in reduced tax withholding has been reduced to $400 per individual and $800 per couple. That only comes to $8 per week for an individual and $16 for a couple. If they start the payments in June and make it retroactive to the beginning of the year, you will get $13 per week until next January. Then, your rebate would drop to the $8 per week level. Are you felling stimulated yet? In a stimulus bill of almost $1 trillion dollars, you would think President Obama would have more for the working class.

  2. I don't think that President Obama subscribes to the theory that tax cuts are the main road to stimulating the economy. The evidence is on his side on that.

  3. That jerk is just trying to stir up trouble.. He is a rethuglican troll... he has been all over spouting nonsense... usually with a link to something he posts on his sight that messes everything up.

    Last time he posted on my site it was a link to his that told all about the 4.19 billion that was supposed to be in the package for ACORN, that was never there. Just the Rush talking points. That's all this is too I am sure. Surprized it wasn't about the mouse..or the rat whatever they are calling it

  4. Actually, I'm glad you brought it up because, I was meaning to mention a way I might be feeling stimulated. To anyone with a job in this economy, the provision that helps with COBRA, which is available, but usually unaffordable, to people who are unemployed, could really be stimulative. Even if you still have your job, knowing that there's going to be assistance with that should you lose it is going to make you less terrified to at least spend what you really need to on a day to day basis.