Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Watching the President

It's so good to have a president we can stand to watch on TV, let alone look forward to it.

Michelle looks lovely. Justice Ginsberg is there, very much alive. Hillary Clinton is not afraid of color, but hot pink looks good on her. Rahm Emanuel is concealing whatever blunt instrument he's carrying very well.

Lot of pundits are telling us what President Obama has to accomplish tonight. I can predict that if he gave the Gettysburg Address up there, there'd still be plenty of "constructive" criticism from the same people who kept assuming that John McCain won all the debates that the public thought Obama won.

Well, here we go.

UPDATE: Really, really good speech. Even better than I'd hope for. Jindal's response was pretty lame and designed to appeal to no one but other Republican politicians. If he's planning to go up Obama in an election he's going to have to improve his speechifying.

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  1. Obama hit a home run tonight. I never cease to be impressed with how effortless he makes it look. He is really succeeding in isolating the hard right, too.

  2. He did and he is. And the hard right in isolation sounds very good to me.

  3. I havae had a terrible time commenting on your site the last two days...lol Hope it is working now.

  4. Really? I hope so, too. I had a hard time commenting on someone else's Blogger blog over the weekend, but not all of them.

  5. Yes Zen, I meant to point that out to you. Your responding hasn't been working.

  6. Really? What's been happening? Just nothing?