Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Democrat Socialist Checking In

All I can say about this is it that I guess maybe if they wanted to follow suit the Democrats could introduce a resolution to rename the Republicans the Poopy Head Party. Then the Republicans could counter with the I'm Rubber, You're Glue resolution. The Democrats would then have to answer with the Oh Yeah, Well Nobody Likes You measure which the Republicans would be hard put to answer.

And people say that the GOP has no ideas...

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  1. I'm wondering how long the Republicans are going to keep up this Joe McCarthy crap before they realize that it's not hurting Obama and, if anything, is making socialism respectable again. Personally, I've considered myself a social democrat for a long time. How much would I complain about single payer health care, heavy regulation of polluting industries, strong unions and taxing Donald Trump until they have to get jobs at McDonald's to pay the rent? Why, not at all, thank you.....

    And, anyway, I think they've been quite successful at rebranding themselves as the "Party of No" and the "Limbaugh Party"....

  2. It's pretty goddamn arrogant on the part of the Rethuglican Fascist Party to think they can re-name a party other than their own.

    Whoops...did I just do the same thing? M'bad!

  3. I thought they had already done this... now they want to do it Well, once again we can always go back to the American Taliban as suggested by Rep. Sessions of Texas.. He is the one who said they would be like an insurgency. and like the Taliban, so I would say that's what we should start calling them.

  4. I personaly think Democrat socialist re branding is not a negative rather a good direction for the American people.
    However the other side of the coin is less flattering the FRA say's a lot Fascist Republican Asshats is going backwards and down and out at the same time!!