Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Mentally Stable Need Not Apply

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Acting Globally

I don't really know very much about Governor Huntsman of Utah, other than what I've read recently. The graviment of that is that he's that increasingly rare bird - a Republican and not demonstrably mentally ill. Therefore, he might be able to make a credible run for the presidency in 2012 and apparently was considering doing so. It's early, but it was serious enough for the Michigan County Republican Party to cancel an appearance by Huntsman because of his not being enough of a mouth breathing, knuckle dragging bigot support for civil unions. And now he's going to China to be an ambassador. Ambassador to China is a hugely important job at this moment in history and he seems to be well qualified for it. It's also about as far away from Republican Party politics as he can get.

I was thinking about doing a longer post, speculating about Huntsman's motivation for accepting this post, but it turned out that Steven Benen had already posted exactly what I was thinking, only better. This might be the sort of of post-partisanship that President Obama was talking about. A rival goes to the other side of the world and Jon Huntsman gets to take himself out of action while he sees if the Republican Party is ever going to have room for normal people again. And of course, the crazies don't have to go to the trouble of running off another moderate. They've got enough to do with expelling Charlie Crist and Colin Powell.

Acting Out Locally

Meanwhile, here on Long Island, the teabaggers were at it again. They had what looked to be a pretty lively event on tax day last month, so they decided to do it again for Armed Forces Day. I haven't been able to find any coverage of it online as yet. The only reason I knew about it was that my sister passed it on the road today. She said it was as charming as all these things, with signs that said "Waterboard Pelosi" mixed in with other assorted complaints. I'm not surprised that we have some wingnuts in our midst. Not in the least. Hell, there's a couple down that have matching "Sarah Palin 2012" stickers on their cars already. If that's not scary stupid, I don't know what is.

Still, I was curious about our local teabaggers so I checked them out in the Google and found a Meet-Up site where some of them could be found. There's a message board. There are practical discussions about logistics of their events and stuff like that, but keep going and the crazy rears its head. My favorite was a birther post about an April Fool's joke that they ate up like it was dipped in chocolate. They may live in the area, but they haven't moved into the reality based community.

Speaking of which, where's our daily Cheney? I haven't heard anything new from him for two days now. Have I just missed it?

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  1. Pres. Obama amazes me, he just keeps plugging away, doing his job, while everyone around him is just flapping their arms and screaming. He is the unflappable and the steady...going about his business, maintaining. I love it. That's what is driving the GOP hacks so crazy.. they aren't flapping him.. lol

    Let the tea partiers carry on..they are only hurting themselves. From the polls I have seen, the President's numbers went up after they did the first So everytime they have one, if his number go up again, he might end up at 100 or

    The thought of Sarah Palin in the White House is scary for sure, She got too damn close last time. But I think she is in too much trouble in Alaska to ever run again down here... it just hasn't all hit here yet. Give it a little more time, and watch out...

  2. Cheney sent his daughter (the Evil Young) out today. She/it was on "This Week" this morning.

  3. "Hell, there's a couple down that have matching "Sarah Palin 2012" stickers on their cars already. If that's not scary stupid, I don't know what is."

    Don't worry, it's more stupid than scary. Out of 300,000,000 people, there are bound to be a few idiots.

    Annette, I spoke recently with Washington state Congressman Jay Inslee. He told that Obama's aura of intelligent calm is even more amazing in person and that it's great for the country. BTW, Inslee is a great guy and even better Congressman -- the kind anyone would be thrilled have representing them.