Sunday, May 24, 2009

This Is Unbelievable

Well, it's not really unbelievable but I wish that it was a lot harder to believe. Writechic Press has been devoting a lot of her blog to helping with one particular person's battle to receive lifesaving medical care. This most recent roadblock is just the latest news read backward to learn more.

And if anyone ever again says to you that - A. "People don't die from lack of health care in this country" or B. "Universal health care will lead to rationing and waits for care", you should probably just spit in his eye.


  1. That's terrible.. I just posted it to my FaceBook page.. maybe it will help some. Did you post it at Cesca??

  2. i need to link to this.... added it on my facebook

  3. I'm linking to this from my blog. Stuff like this needs maximum exposure. This is what we are fighting to correct while our opponents are fighting to protect their profit margins.