Wednesday, May 6, 2009

There Will Be No Listening - per Rush

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The Old Kids on the Block wanted to listen to you. Well, some of you. Mostly just the ones who had thoughts about rebranding the cool new version of the GOP. Not so much anyone who was looking for more substantive changes. So Eric, Jeb, John and Mittens started this listening tour.

Even that is too much for Rush Limbaugh to allow. After all, why would Boss Rush want anyone to listen to anyone but him? Soooo - now it's a "La-la-la, I can't hear you!" tour. Doesn't make much difference. The Republican party is not currently inclined to learn anything by listening to regular people.

It's kind of interesting. Today's Republicans seem to be very hierarchical. They certainly don't listen to anyone below them - like voters, for instance. But they do seem to love being led around by the nose by anyone who can pass as the Alpha Male. Right now that's Rush Limbaugh, in the absence of any serious leadership, I suppose. Maybe they got used to be slapped around by Dick Cheney for eight years and decided they enjoyed the abuse.

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  1. It certainly seems like that's what they want.. Pence then Cantor sure made a swift turn around after El Rushbo took them to task. Just a quick day or two later and they changed from listening to They sure haven't figured much out yet, that we aren't buying what they are selling and neither is much of America... That's why they have lost out the last 2 elections and unless they do some changing they probably will the next election.

    But, with things like the new Ice Cream flavors they are putting out, who knows.. maybe that's their strategy, Pizza and Ice

  2. I really didn't think this would last long as a "listening tour" without turning into a campaign.
    But now that Jabba the Anal Cyst has opened his jowls and ordered a "teaching tour", I see it has gone way past a broken down campaign.

    The "Great Leader" of the Party of No Ideas has spoken and demanded that the Party must teach the sheeple what it is that they must want and that they must want the things that the "Great Leader" wants, and the sheeple have no choice and must accept. If the sheeple do not accept they will face the wrath of the "Great Leader."

  3. Good point about not listening to voters. That's what eight years of absolute contempt for public opinion in the executive branch will do for a political party.

  4. Joe The Plumber doesn't think the GOP is listening to him. He's ready to leave the party. Major lulz.