Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Not Necessarily Final Frontier

Star Trek 2009 - new cast collage

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We went to see the new Star Trek movie tonight. If you have the least little bit of trekkie in you, you should see it. Whether it stands up entirely on its own, I couldn’t really say. I do know that the audience applauded at the end, and no one was in costume. Not even a set of Vulcan ears that I noticed.

There was a plot. It involved  timeline confusion and a lot of disaster of apocalyptic proportions and lots and lots of heroism. The usual stuff. I was pretty impressed with the visuals, but I would guess that fantastic effects are par for the course with today’s technology. The acting was just fine all around. Zachary Quinto did a bang-up job of evolving from not quite Spock to a damned good Spock as as the film went on. Chris Pine – hotter than William Shatner ever was. I’m just saying. Don’t get me wrong. I loved Shatner as Kirk and I like him as the Priceline guy today, but I never really got what the big intergalactic attraction was. It was Spock who was the real sex god in the original series. In this movie, when you find a green girl wrapped around Kirk it’s much easier to see why. This guy would appeal to any species, I’m sure. 

What really impressed me most were the costume designers and the make-up artists. They should win something for blending the Sixties vibe and a futuristic look so successfully. The men were relatively simple. They mostly wore original series Star Fleet threads, although in his pre-Star Fleet days they did a James Dean thing with Kirk that definitely worked.  What was kind of amazing is how they managed to modernize the women’s looks while keeping them in the absurd miniskirts and make-up – including Cleopatra eyeliner and false eyelashes – that they wore in the original series.  They toned it all down and sleeked it all up and it worked, assuming that you’re suspending disbelief anyway. Even the hair was just right. Kind of sixties, but nothing bouffant. A triumph of art and science.

The film cries out for a sequel. Or…what would you call a sequel to the prequel? I don’t know. But I’d go to see it.

ADDENDUM: How could I forget to mention the Romulans. They looked fabulous. These Romulans didn’t just look like Vulcans only less so. They had their own outlaw villain thing going on. Tattooed heads, black duster looking garments and their own special ears. Very effective.

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  1. Sounds like it's well worth the money to go see it. I was a fan when it was on the tube, I think I've seen every re-run at least twice.

  2. This is one movie I have been wanting to see.. I have always loved Star Trek.. still watch

    Thanks for the review.. I guess I will try to go see it

  3. Definitely worth it. We hardly ever go to the movies. We watch them on DVD or when they come on cable mostly. We thought this one was worth paying for if you're at all a Star Trek fan.

  4. Oooo - I only go to two or three movies a year (cause sitting still without busy hands is very hard for me) - but this is a "must-see"...

    I'll be watchin' for the Romulans...

    Thanks for the review! Live well, and prosper.

  5. We've been to three in the past 12 months and that's probably a 20 year record for us. Usually it's more like one every three years.