Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let's Keep Not Investigating Torture

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I have to say that for something that's not being pursued we're getting a lot of new information about the previous administration's actions regarding torture every day. I hope we keep not investigating the whole thing and I certainly hope that the Cheney Family Torture Tour keep doing what they've been doing so well. We're learning a lot more than the details of the Cheney/Bush administrations adventures in " enhanced interrogation".

We might well be learning the why and the who of it. And we're getting daily confirmation that Cheney really was running the show for a long time. And apparently thinks he still is, but hey, don't tell him yet. He's on a pace to move popular opinion firmly to the side of prosecution for war crimes within a few more weeks. That can only help.

So, let's see more of this inaction. It's working pretty well so far.

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  1. I agree. Those in charge need to be held responsible.

  2. I think that if Cheney keeps defending the whole thing that'll be a majority position very soon.

  3. I think Pres. Obama's plan is coming together very He just sits back and lets everyone else spin in the wind and when the time is right he will step in and do what needs to be done.

    He did the same thing in the campaign, all while everyone was yelling, you need to get tougher, you need to be dirtier, you need to say this, you need to do that. He just stayed above it all. Then he came in and cleaned house and won with a large majority not seen in a number of years.

    I think that is what he is doing now. Yes, he is making people mad, but he did the same thing last year. They got over

    I have to ask again, why do we need to see more pictures of man piles and blood? He is going over into their homes, why stir the pot worse than it needs to be right now? I think it was probably smart to delay at the least the release of those pictures. Build on it, get people angrier, and then let them loose. Maybe then people will be ready for the truth and the investigation and trials.

  4. I am really surprised that someone on the right hasn't silenced Cheney yet. They must still think they are all above the law and will never be prosecuted.

  5. Cheney has been sickening. And think of how little respect he's showing for Bush, who no doubt wants Little Dick to stay Wyoming fishing. I read that Old Man Bush and his camp are furious in part because -- get this -- Cheney's visibility detracts from Jeb Bush's efforts to rebuild the Republican party. By now, one would think that the Bush name is poison to establishment Republicans, but apparently not.

  6. Have no fear, Zen. You're dosage of Dick is scheduled for Thursday. ;-) He plans to speak to his "knowing" interrogators got intel about the Iraq-Al Qaeda connection that never existed. Should be awesome.