Monday, May 4, 2009

Outliving the Bastards

Bruce and Pete at 2009 Inauguration

Image by earmuffboy via Flickr

I was going to write something about Pete Seeger’s 90th birthday, even though I was sadly absent from the concert but got kind of absorbed in the situation described iin the post below. Now the first thing in the morning there’s this interesting take on the show on TPM.  It’s about how the audience cheered every time the President’s name was mentioned and that there was a letter from President Obama, saluting Pete. And it’s about how unusual this kind of thing is at a concert, let alone a leftie concert.

Best of all was this:

Springsteen said that he never saw Seeger more happy than at Obama's inauguration, noting that Seeger saw Obama's ascendancy as proof that he, Seeger, had "outlived the bastards."

My favorite place to see Pete Seeger is right near New York City because the old commies come. And I mean old. You can tell who they are because they fly their old style commie flag high in the form of headgear.  Fiddler’s caps for the men and berets for the women. And they’re about a hundred years old and have been going to see Pete for many decades, since he performed with Woody Guthrie and so many others. They come out for Arlo, too, if he’s right in the city. And now they get to feel they’ve outlived the bastards. They deserve it. May it be true.

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  1. David Corn live tweeted the concert.. it was neat reading the list of performers.. I wish there had been pictures too.. How I wish I could have seen it or heard it.. it would have been so wonderful to be there.. I have an interview posted he did with PBS about the It is pretty good. Thanks for posting this will have to get over to TPM and see what it says.

  2. Alas, more bastards are born...or made...every minute. Great to see Pete's still around, though....

  3. I'm glad Pete was around to see the bastards dethroned.

  4. I am a huge fan. Itunes doesn't have his MP3s and I'm trying to get a copy of Night Moves and also Old Time Rock and Roll.

  5. I saw Pete only one time, when I was sixteen or so. My dad got tickets and we drove all the way to Ohio. I sat in the third row wearing a red beret and combat boots. At one point, Pete actually looked at me and winked, and I swear I saw fairy dust. The man actually IS magical.